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  • Set up a dedicated workspace that is distraction-free, well-lit, and comfortable. Gather your supplies and a beverage or snack before sitting down to study or attend class. Close all distractions on the computer, including social media sites and chat programs.
  • Take breaks to maintain focus and avoid fatigue. Studying for 30-45 minutes and then taking a short break away from the computer will help you stay focused and retain the information you’re learning.
  • Offline study tactics such as writing notes down or creating visual aids can help you retain the information covered during your classes.
  • Make a plan by creating a weekly schedule of your deadlines and study hours to make sure you have time set aside to complete your assignments on time.
  • Using a color-coding system in your study calendar or agenda will allow you to identify different due dates quickly.
  • You should acknowledge procrastination and address the risk immediately. Identify if the procrastination is caused by something you can resolve or if you should reach out for help to remove any roadblocks.
  • Find a study partner who can help you clarify requirements and complete assignments on time.
  • Take notes and review them immediately after class. Taking notes will encourage you to remain focused, and studying them after class will make sure the notes are clear and can be relied on later on.
  • Bookmark any resources you’ve found helpful in your studies so you can easily access them later in your courses.